Digital retouch “Mouse trainer”

retouche numériqueDigital retouch
“Mouse trainer”

related to the field mouse tamer, perpetually puts dangers … for better visuals!

Photo manipulation is as old as photography itself, and its history can be seen as part of the history of image manipulation in general. Photo manipulation is a process to transform a photograph into a desired image. In photography, digital retouch is to correct visual defects, lighten or darken the image, increase or decrease the contrast, color saturation, etc …, to improve the appearance but also to rehabilitate damaged documents. It is also possible to perform editing from one or more photographs. The image editing can also refer to larger changes such as converting a photograph to add or remove a person, the field of possibilities can be endless. We use the latest versions of our retouching software (Photoshop, Camera Raw) to offer you the best of our knowledge, to achieve impactful visuals closer to your request.

digital retouch